Love Can Create Miracles




TCM Group Charity Report

On April 20, 2013, a 7.0-magnitude earthquake hit Lushan County of Ya’an City in southwest China’s Sichuan Province. It was followed by several aftershocks and eventually affected up to 383,000 people. The earthquake caused great damage to people living in that area, especially the students. Many schoolhouses were destroyed and the students have to study in makeshift rooms. The earthquake drew great attentions to people from all walks of life as well as members of TCM, a global debt collection group with prominent social awareness.



On May 21, 2013, the second day of TCM Group Annual Meeting, members from all over the world brought their own special gifts and together hold a charity auction to help the disaster area. That night, 40 items were auctioned and finally around 59,000 RMB was raised. That was really a great achievement and a meaningful event full of love.


Entrusted by the Group, TCM China / Inter-Credit took the responsibility for the donation activities. In order to make the most of the funds, we did a lot of preparing work. We communicated with Lushan Educational Bureau and learned that Luyang No. 2 Elementary School (芦山县芦阳镇第二小学) is now in urgent need for school uniforms and computers. After talking with the school and bargaining with the sellers, we finally purchased 480 uniforms and 10 computers with the funds as the donation to the school.




On June 27, 2013, two of our colleagues in Inter-Credit Sichuan office drove 200 miles from Chengdu to Luyang Town, handed over the donations to the school and students in person. The headmaster Mr. Yang and deputy of students expressed their thankfulness to TCM Group and promised to properly utilize the donations.


Acknowledgement of Donations



Here we would like to thank those who took gifts to the auction, who bid for the items, who organized and supported this event and all the TCM members who care about the people in need.

Though there’s always unexpected disaster in the world which we cannot predict and prevent, still we can heal it by reaching our hands to the ones suffered, caring for them and helping them to rebuild their house and soul.

We believe, love can ease the pains, love can generate happiness, love can create miracles, and finally we will find that we all benefit from the love we have devoted to others since the world has become a better place because of our love.




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